Since 1994, ISCAR has organised the bi-annual ForumAlpinum with national partners. The ForumAlpinum is primarily a scientific conference aiming to promote international research cooperation on topics of relevance across the entire Alpine arc. The ForumAlpinum has also been designed as an interface between the scientific community and the general public, providing opportunities for dialogue among various groups.

ForumAlpinum since 1994

ForumAlpinum 2018 & 7th Water conference, Breitenwang / A:
Proceedings (available in Italian and English)

ForumAlpinum 2018 & 7th Water conference, Breitenwang / A:
Proceedings (available in Italian and English)

ForumAlpinum  2010, Munich / D:
Metropolises and «their» Alps

ForumAlpinum 2007, Engelberg / CH:
Landscape Development in Mountain Regions

ForumAlpinum 2002, Alpbach / A: The Nature of the Alps

ForumAlpinum 2000, Bergamo I /: ALPS: Space of Transit – Space of Life

ForumAlpinum 1998, Garmisch-Partenkirchen / D
Change factors  in the Alpine Space – Learning from the 20th Century

ForumAlpinum 1996, Chamonix / F
New Land Use Patterns in the Alpine Space

ForumAlpinum 1994, Disentis / CH
Action Plan Alpine Research



In 2004 (Kranjska Gora), 2008 (Argentière-la- Bessée) and 2012 (Valposchiavo, CH), the ForumAlpinum concept was extended to include AlpWeek. The AlpWeek is an international event co-organised by the leading Alpine organisations committed to mountain protection and sustainable developement. Important Alp-related organisations, networks and observers of the Alpine Convention – CIPRA, ALPARC, Alliance in the Alps, Club Arc Alpin and ISCAR – meet every four years to discuss issues of common interest.

Alpweek since 2012:

5. – 7.9.2022
AlpWeek 2022 – Alps in transition
Brig-Glis, Switzerland

9. – 11.12.2020
AlpWeek Intermezzo 2020 – Youth & Climate – How can young people in the Alps be involved in shaping their future?
Nice, France

3. – 4.4.2019
Alpweek Intermezzo – Tomorrow in the Alps
Innsbruck, Austria

11. – 15.10.2016
AlpWeek 2016: Alps & People – Living culture!
Grassau (Achental), Germany

5. – 8.9.2012
Alpweek 2012: Renewable Alps
Valposchiavo / CH